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Feb 26, 2012 No Comments ›› lori

I think there are two reasons why people don’t fix a problem when they have the chance.

One – they are lazy and don’t want to take the time or energy to fix it.

Two – they don’t even know there’s a problem.

Either one doesn’t sit well with me.

I grew up learning how to fix things by watching my dad.  He was a handyman in his spare time, remodeling houses for friends at work.  I learned that to do the job right, you need:

The right tools.

A plan.

A budget.

The know-how and experience to get the job done.

When I came to the County Attorney’s office in 2006, I had very little experience as a lawyer.

I did, however, have lots of common sense from being a classroom teacher.  I also had valuable experience as a fixer-upper.  And I knew my way around power tools.  (Ask my husband.  It’s one of my more endearing qualities.)  I had recently finished remodeling my 20-year old house (mostly by myself) and Chris and I had just finished a major “curb appeal” project at his house.

It didn’t take me long to see that we had some problems.  Our DWI prosecutions were not working because most of our drunk drivers were refusing breath tests.  And I found out we had some flaws in the way we handled our family violence protective orders because some of our victims were needlessly being turned away.

So I got out my legal power tools (law books) and got a crew together (patrol officers, staff members, fellow prosecutors, and judges).  We fixed both problems in a short time.

Now I don’t know how long the problems existed before I came on board.  But I know for a fact that they were there.  And I still don’t understand why no one ever bothered to fix them.

There is a lot of work to do to get the County Attorney’s office working like I think it should.  I’ve got the tools, the know-how, the experience, and the plan to get it done.  I have the right tools for the job!

Vote for Lori Kaspar in the May 29 Primary.


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